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A fresh new comedy series about a guy working for the devil। He has to capture lost souls, because his parents sold his soul. It’s original and funny. The first season is still on TV. So see it, you won’t regret it.

Bret Harrison ....... as ........Sam Oliver (31 episodes, 2007-2009)
Tyler Labine ....... as ........Bert 'Sock' Wysocki / ... (31 episodes, 2007-2009)
Rick Gonzalez ....... as ........Ben Gonzalez (31 episodes, 2007-2009)
Missy Peregrym ....... as ........Andi Prendergast (31 episodes, 2007-2009)
Andrew Airlie ....... as ........(credit only) / ... (31 episodes, 2007-2009)
Ray Wise ....... as ........The Devil (31 episodes, 2007-2009)
Donavon Stinson ....... as ........Ted / ... (31 episodes, 2007-2009)
Valarie Rae Miller ....... as ........Josie / ... (18 episodes, 2007-2008)
Christine Willes ....... as ........Gladys - DMV Demon (15 episodes, 2007-2009)
Jenny Wade ....... as ........Nina (11 episodes, 2009)


Sam Oliver lives at home with his parents and brother in the Seattle area. He has always wondered why his Mom and Dad were so easy on him, whether it was sports, school, or career choices, and so hard on his younger brother, Keith. Sam dropped out of college and takes a dead-end job at the 'Work Bench', a home-repair superstore similar to Home Depot. He spends the rest of his time hanging out, playing video games, and pining for his co-worker Andi.

On Sam's 21st birthday, his parents are behaving very strangely and Sam himself is seeing hellish visions and experiencing odd events. His father eventually explains that many years ago he was very sick and in return for restoring his health, he and his wife promised their firstborn child to the Devil. Although the couple intended to cheat the devil by having no children, this plan goes awry when Satan convinces their doctor to lie and tell the couple that they cannot conceive in exchange for wiping his gambling debts clean. Sam is born shortly thereafter.

After informing him of his fate, Satan explains to Sam that he must serve as his bounty hunter, tracking down souls that have escaped from Hell and sending them back using his new powers and vessels, which are various objects said to have been hand-made from the bowels of hell by the iniquitus and the vile, all fitted inside a long wooden box sent for Sam to open specially designed for each job

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Genres :
Comedy, Adventure, Drama

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Meet Satan's biggest tools.

Duration :
45 minutes

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