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The good guys

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A really funny comedy show. It's an 80's looking buddy-cop comedy series which has some hilarious episodes. The first season is now on the television and you'll be happy to it.

Bradley Whitford ....... as ........Dan Stark (17 episodes, 2010)
Colin Hanks ....... as ........Jack Bailey (17 episodes, 2010)
Jenny Wade ....... as ........A.D.A. Liz Traynor (17 episodes, 2010)
Diana Maria Riva ....... as ........Lt. Ana Ruiz / ... (17 episodes, 2010)
Kimberly Lynn Campbell ....... as ........Detective / ... (15 episodes, 2010)
Nathan Fane ....... as ........Detective Rios / ... (15 episodes, 2010)
Arthur Wooldridge ....... as ........Detective / ... (14 episodes, 2010)
Kennith Edwards ....... as ........Uniformed Cop (12 episodes, 2010)
Thomas Wiederhold ....... as ........Detective (12 episodes, 2010)
Jennifer Besser ....... as ........CSI (11 episodes, 2010)


Dan Stark is a former big-shot detective who once saved the governor's son but is now all but washed up and spends most of his time reliving his glory days. However his hunches and odd ways of doing his job still seem to get the job done. He is shown to have a friendly relationship with the criminals he has arrested. Series creator Matt Nix describes Dan Stark as being "actually a fantastic 1981 cop. He just hasn't moved along with the time. CSI stuff is like black magic." Stuck in the past, he has a difficult time adjusting to new technologies, such as "computer machines" and "smarty phones." Dan lives in a trailer located "in the shadow of" the Texas Star Ferris Wheel in Fair Park. He often retells stories to Jack of the old days with his former partner Frank Savage , with whom he had a close buddy-cop relationship. He is reckless and unpredictable, and does not hesitate to use his handgun for any trivial matter, such as "using his service revolver to open a mayonnaise jar". He enjoys eating peanuts with the shell on, listening to Foghat, and chewing gum.

Jack Bailey is an ambitious by-the-book detective whose attitude has made him few friends on the police force. He still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend Liz Traynor, who he usually musters up the courage to talk to. Jack is usually calm-headed, preferring not to get his hands dirty at times when it is unnecessary. He admits to having attempted to grow a mustache to look tougher, but because only the middle part grew it looked like a "Hitler mustache." He gradually learns from Dan about the importance of a partner.
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Comedy, Action

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Kick Some Badge!

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60 minutes

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