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Family Matters

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Family Matters is the perfect show for the family. It isn't sappy or annoying like most of the other family shows on tv. This show has everything: great writing , hilarious scenes and great actors. The funniest character was definitely Steve Urkel, the nerd. If you haven’t seen it already, go see it because it’s Classic comedy series.
Reginald VelJohnson ....... as ........Carl Otis Winslow / ... (215 episodes, 1989-1998)
Kellie Shanygne Williams ....... as ........Laura Lee Winslow (214 episodes, 1989-1998)
Darius McCrary ....... as ........Edward 'Eddie' James Arthur Winslow / ... (207 episodes, 1989-1998)
Jaleel White ....... as ........Steven Quincy Urkel / ... (204 episodes, 1989-1998)
JoMarie Payton ....... as ........Harriette Winslow (199 episodes, 1989-1997)
Rosetta LeNoire ....... as ........Estelle 'Mother' Winslow / ... (121 episodes, 1989-1997)
Bryton James ....... as ........Richie Crawford (96 episodes, 1990-1997)
Telma Hopkins ....... as ........Rachel Crawford (93 episodes, 1989-1997)
Shawn Harrison ....... as ........Waldo Geraldo Faldo / ... (84 episodes, 1990-1996)
Jaimee Foxworth ....... as ........Judy Winslow (70 episodes, 1989-1993)


A perfect spin-off from Perfect Strangers: Family Matters focused on Harriet Winslow (the elevator operator from the Chronicle) and her family of sorts. Carl Winslow, her husband, was a dutiful cop, and a gruff and lovable father to three kids: Eddie Winslow, the rebel son; Laura Winslow, the smart-aleck daughter; and cute little Judy Winslow. They had opened their home to Harriet's sister, Rachel Crawford and her little baby son Richie, and in the very first episode, Carl had to open his home to his cool and streetwise mother, Estelle Winslow, whether he wanted to or not. Everything was going along just fine until one day, Steve Urkel, the inventive nerd, barged into their home and eventually, into their hearts. Steve had a killer crush on Laura, but she would never give him the time of day. Steve Urkel was intended to be a one-shot appearance, but his popularity with the fans won him the number-one spot as America's favorite nerd. As the show went on, the characters and the stories evolved. Richie grew from a little baby into a rambunctious and impressionable little boy. The stories started revolving around Steve and his incredible inventions, which became the greatest sight gags on the show. In almost every episode, Steve ends up breaking furniture, windows, and Carl's patience. Eddie and Laura each had best buddies to hang out with: Eddie had dim-witted yet lovable Waldo Geraldo Faldo,and Laura had faithful and true-blue gal pal Maxine. The greatest mystery of Family Matters is Judy and Rachel's sudden disappearances from the show. To stop Steve from chasing her, Laura matched him up with perky-yet-pushy Myra Monkhouse. Steve loved Myra physically, but his emotions will always go to Laura. Eddie had his share of steady girlfriends, and even he had an Urkel chasing him- Myrtle May Urkel, Steve's cousin from Biloxi. Every so often, Steve uses one of his inventions to turn himself into debonair, irresistable lover Stefan Urquelle or karate hero Bruce Lee to draw Laura closer to him, much to Myra's chagrin.

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Comedy, Family

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30 minutes

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