Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Britain

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"Little Britain" is a wonderful comedy series starring the fantastic Mark Lucas and David Walliams. Taking an irreverent look at life in Britain, they tease and giggle their way through 30 min episodes poking fun at every one possible. Trully a great and hilarious comedy show.

Matt Roles
David Roles
Anthony Prime Minister
Paul Roles
Joann Pat
Charu Bala
Steve Roles
Stephen Fighters Taxi Driver


The Little Britain series is basically a collection of short sketches, which feature the same characters from one week to the next. Each character creation is very unique and you soon get to know their peculiarities and catchphrases. It is these individual characters which make the programme what it is, as it is these people that you soon grow to love.
Little Britain works as an alternative comedy series because it is very politically incorrect. In an age where most programme makers would prefer to tread on eggshells, Little Britain takes it to the extreme, covering issues and creating humour based around such taboo subjects as racism, homosexuality, transvestism, the overweight and the disabled.
In between the main sketches there are a few shorter clips, which are usually introduced by some witty comment from Tom Baker (of Dr Who fame) who narrates the series in a very deliberate posh BBC English style voiceover.

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United Kingdom

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29 minutes

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